Happy Friday

Hey everybody! It’s been a very busy month for me so far, but I’m enjoying every moment of it!

I’m editing Second Time’s the Charm once more before it’s released on the 20th. The kindle edition is available for pre-order now. I hope you’ll put the launch party in your calendar for a chance to win prizes!



I am starting a new novel and plotting another! No details at the moment, except that one will be adult fiction and the other young adult. I am thoroughly enjoying both plots and can’t wait to finish the first drafts so I can start sharing more with you!

I’m beta reading a really great book for a friend, and as soon as he figures out a release date, I’ll let you know how to purchase.

I have had two short stories released in anthologies this month. “Collapse” can be found in BlackHearts Anthology, and “Southern Kisses” is published in the anthology Flashpoint. I hope you get a chance to check them both out and let me know what you think.

So that’s three releases for me this month, and one scheduled for next month. Between the writing and the editing, I’m staying pretty busy. I’m going to feel pretty unproductive come May.

Thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you have an amazing weekend.


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